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Instilling kindness from a young age and exposing children to its impact is as important now as it ever has been. ShareTheMiracle is a great way for children to engage in active citizenship and personal development whilst also experiencing the amazing effects of both kindness and community development. This in turn can make a significant contribution to the SMSC development of young people.

How can I get involved?

This year, we are inviting schools to launch a ShareTheMiracle Station. A simple and effective way to collect chocolate eggs and give them to those less fortunate in your local community. Parents, students, teachers and friends of the school can all be invited to donate an Easter Egg. * Whilst most schools will collect chocolate eggs, some schools may choose to collect an alternative…

Some schools may already have a relationship with a community group such as a care home or a hospital. ShareTheMiracle provides an opportunity to build on these relationships or to start something new. Other examples may include local night shelters, well care groups or food banks (your local council or voluntary group are good resources for ideas if you get stuck)Allowing the children to collaborate and decide who to focus on is a great way to get them engaged early on.

There are additional opportunities to extend the activity also if you’d like to. In Westminster for example, schools have taken children into a local care home, given out chocolate eggs and then invited them to short musical performance (refer to our new YouTube channel to view their video). This could also be playing a board game, sharing artwork that they’ve done, chatting or joining together for a drink or cup of tea.  

Recording what happens when the eggs are given out provides opportunities for students to be creative through  writing their stories or via capturing the events with photos or video. 

Captain Kindness

For younger children, we have developed a superhero called “Captain Kindness”. Schools can choose to incorporate him into their ShareTheMiracle Station or any additional kindness activities e.g. Encouraging creative writing or stories involving the life and adventures of Captain Kindness

Case Study: Richmond Park Academy School

Richmond Park Academy2

Ten students from years 7-10 (age 11-14 years) ran sharethemiracle at the school (Year 10 kids included the gifted and talented media group). The group was mixed (male and female) and was made up of volunteers. The students ran two separate sharethemiracle events:

1. Students created Easter nests and knocked on the doors of those in the local community with an adult present. People were given an invitation card and invited to look round the school

2. Students went up to the city of London for a RAOK (random act of kindness day). The school obtained a license from the local council and gave eggs to city workers with an invitation to be interviewed on camera!

The Chocolate Eggs were sponsored by a business in London.

What now?

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