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What is it?

A simple opportunity to ‘put a dent in loneliness’ through an intergenerational display of kindness. 

Instilling kindness from a young age and exposing children to its impact is as important now as it ever has been. ShareTheMiracle is a great way for children to engage in active citizenship and personal development whilst also experiencing the amazing effects of both kindness and community development. This in turn can make a significant contribution to the SMSC development of young people.

How can I get involved?

This Easter, we invite your school to join others across the country to help ‘Put a dent in loneliness’. Specifically we invite you to launch a ShareTheMiracle Station and take the chocolate eggs to the elderly in your local area. Parents, students, teachers and friends of the school can all be invited to donate an Easter Egg. * Whilst most schools will collect chocolate eggs, some schools may choose to collect an alternative…

There is also the opportunity to extend the initiative if you’d like to. In Westminster for example, as well as giving out chocolate eggs to residents in care homes, school children have given a musical performance. We were thrilled to receive an endorsement from the Lord Mayor for this intergenerational work. You could also share stories/memories of the local area, play a board game, run an art class in the care home or simply join together for a drink or cup of tea.

Additional opportunities may arise for schools who wish their encourage their students to record the events through creative writing or capturing the occasion via photo or video for example.

Captain Kindness

For younger children, we have developed a superhero called “Captain Kindness”. Schools can choose to incorporate him into their ShareTheMiracle Station or any additional kindness activities e.g. Their story involving the life and adventures of Captain Kindness

Case Study: Ropley CE Primary School

The children and staff of Ropley CE Primary School recently embraced the ‘ShareTheMiracle’ initiative to build stronger relationships with members of their local community through acts of kindness. They invited those residents who are in their Golden years to come to a fish and chip lunch at their school. The residents of the village were welcomed by Year 6 children who also waited on their guests. After lunch entertainment was provided by the Year 1 and 2 children, who sang songs from their recent class assemblies. In addition, Alex from year 6 expertly played the theme tunes from ‘Pink Panther and ‘James Bond’ on his cornet and Lucy beautifully played a piece from her recent Grade 5 piano exam.
At the end of the lunch, each of the guests were given an Easter Egg which had been donated by the parents of the school in support of the initiative.
Headteacher, Sarah Vittle, said ‘The children really enjoyed the opportunity to welcome members of our older community. It was wonderful to see the different generations interacting together. I believe it helped the children to have a greater understanding and appreciation of our community. The children marvelled at residents who attended the school in their youth.’ One of the attendees commented, ‘It has been a very special way of bringing people together who probably felt that their links with the school were in the past.’

Case Study: Richmond Park Academy School

Richmond Park Academy2

Ten students from years 7-10 (age 11-14 years) ran ShareTheMiracle at the school (Year 10 kids included the gifted and talented media group). The group was mixed (male and female) and was made up of volunteers. The students ran two separate ShareTheMiracle events:

1. Students created Easter nests and knocked on the doors of those in the local community with an adult present. People were given an invitation card and invited to look round the school

2. Students went up to the city of London for a RAOK (random act of kindness day). The school obtained a license from the local council and gave eggs to city workers with an invitation to be interviewed on camera!

The Chocolate Eggs were sponsored by a business in London.

What now?

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