What is ShareTheMiracle?

ShareTheMiracle provide simple and fun ways to help individuals and organisations come together and build stronger communities, anyone can get involved. 

At Easter we encourage people to launch a ‘ShareTheMiracle Station’ collecting Easter eggs that are donated from the local community and taking them to the poor and marginalised locally. During the past 7 years we have seen Schools, Organisations, Churches, Councils and many others get involved. Hundreds of volunteers have reached out to thousands of people including neighbours, colleagues, those unwell in hospital, the elderly, disadvantaged young people, victims of human trafficking, those with lived experience of mental ill health and more. We were so thrilled to receive endorsements from The Lord Mayor and Great Ormond Street Hospital as well as appearing on a number of BBC radio stations.

This November, for the first time, we are pleased to launch the ShareTheMiracle Thanksgiving Challenge – A simple way to celebrate a person or organisation and tell them they are loved, appreciated, admired, valued

What is the Miracle?

The giving of an egg (a simple act of kindness) has been a catalyst to ‘little miracles’. For example, the egg that starts a conversation, causes someone to volunteer after seeing a need in their local community, an elderly person to feel less lonely when a local school reaches out. The possibilities are endless. We encourage you to share your stories to encourage and inspire others.

How can I get started?

Simply click here 

“Designed for Kindness”

Can you remember the last time you experienced an unprompted act of kindness? Moments like this tend to stick in the memory. And for good reason. Whether we’re the ones giving, receiving or even just witnessing kindness, it does something to us. It makes us come alive… feeling more human.

That’s because we’re all designed for kindness. It’s how we’re wired.

We’re also designed for relationship and community. And so it’s no coincidence that acts of kindness help to nurture just that. They have a profound effect; breaking down barriers and opening us up to one another.

This is at the heart of ShareTheMiracle.

In fact, it’s proven that kindness can have a positive psychological and physical effect on us – from increased cognitive performance to lower blood pressure.