What is it? 

Aa simple way for businesses to connect with their local communities and make a positive social impact.

There are many direct benefits to your business’s involvement. Not only might it support your CSR strategy, it enables employee engagement, improves employee wellbeing and could also provide positive exposure for your company in the form of PR.

The impact of ShareTheMiracle is also seen through social engagement, development and cohesion benefiting both the businesses and individuals who engage as well as the wider community.

How can I get involved? 

There are many different ways your company may choose to engage.

1. Why not set up a ShareTheMiracle Station and invite employees, customers, other stakeholders (and even members of the public) to donate a chocolate egg. Employees could be invited through CSR days or through a Team Challenge Day to give out the eggs to other members of the local community and you could even leverage existing charity partner relationships where appropriate. Giving employees the opportunity to meet people in the community that they may not ordinarily has helped provide perspective, boost morale and improve wellbeing. 

2.Alternatively, there is an opportunity to make a monetary donation to ShareTheMiracle to help us expand our work of transforming communities through kindness

3.For some businesses, there may be an opportunity to donate products such as chocolate or toys that can be given away by various groups as an act of kindness. 

4.Finally there may be opportunities for your company to provide skills-based support to help strengthen ShareTheMiracle in areas such as business development, IT, marketing or social media

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Case Study: RELX Group:

The RELX group launched ShareTheMiracle’s first ever ShareTheMiracle Station over 4 years ago as employees came together to reach out to members of their local community. Last year saw another record breaking year as more eggs were collected, more offices took part and staff in the USA, Brazil and Holland engaged for the first time

What now?

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