Why are you doing this?

Easter is a time of hope and celebration in many different forms. To some it’s about chocolate bunnies and hot cross buns, to others a few days off work, time with the family or new life. ShareTheMiracle seeks to engage and empower people to gift love, this Easter through the giving of Easter eggs and an invitation (to strangers, neighbours, colleagues or friends). We believe there is no better time of year than Easter to come alive, build relationships and strengthen our communities.


What is expected of me?

We very much hope that you will carefully consider to whom each egg and invitation is given and not be in a rush to move on! The focus is on quality time not just quantity…


I just want to give a couple of eggs. Can I still be involved?

Yes 100%. And remember to share your story with us HERE. Every single personal story counts!


I’m a chocolate manufacturer/supplier/retailer, how can I get involved?

Hello! We would love to hear from you. Any support that you can give will help support and strengthen local communities up and down the country. Do contact us at info@sharethemiracle.org


I don’t want to give chocolate, what else can I do?

Excellent question. We don’t want anyone to be left out. If you know that the person you intend to give to has some form of food allergy we recommend that you search from among the following links for an alternative ‘treat’. You may also like to still give the Easter card invitation. We think your friend will be so touched for your thoughtfulness. 

Chocolate alternatives for grown ups – Click here 

Chocolate alternatives for children – Click here 


Where does the money go?

If you have been encouraged to contribute financially to the project, a BIG thank you!

Your money is used to help support the running of ShareTheMiracle and to equip groups engaging their local communities across the country and beyond. Recipients in 2014 included children at Great Ormond Street Hospital, victims of human trafficking, the homeless, elderly, school children and more. 


What are the origins of Easter eggs? 

Eggs have been used throughout the ages, initially as a symbol of new life, purity or fertility and later provided a symbol of resurrection and new life. The custom of decorating and colouring eggs dates back to the Middle Ages, papier-mâché eggs to the 18th century and then the first chocolate eggs appeared in the 19th century, with the earliest ones being completely solid.