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Reaching out to isolated, socially excluded and other people groups in the community is a continual priority for local councils. But with reduced budgets along with increasing need, getting the sufficient manpower to deliver this service is becoming more and more challenging, yet ever more critical.

ShareTheMiracle helps by providing a simple, achievable and fun way for members of the local community to help support those who are most in need, whilst also strengthening existing community groups. This all has the effect of the wider community being brought together, across different generations, cultures and backgrounds.

How can ShareTheMiracle help?

Councils start by choosing a group of individuals in the community (often those who are the recipients of existing outreach projects) who would be the most appropriate recipients of ShareTheMiracle. This might be members of a care home or a children’s hospital.

Recruiting individuals to participate in the collection and delivery of eggs is an excellent opportunity to secure longer term volunteers by allowing them to experience the positive effects of kindness. Reaching out to individuals in scout groups, schools, churches and other volunteer organisations, could prove to be a successful source of recruitment.

To acquire the Easter eggs, you could approach local businesses and ask if they would like to get involved by donating or funding the purchase of them. It makes for a great PR for them. Alternatively, working with your volunteers, you could ask the public to buy eggs and donate them through a ShareTheMiracle Station in local towns.

Case Study: Westminster Council

The council arranged for pupils at St Barnabas Primary School to attend Pullen Day Centre where they presented eggs and sharethemiracle Easter invitation cards to residents. The children then held a musical performance where joy and dancing broke out! A wonderful intergenerational occasion and the school has already organised a follow up visit.


Endorsement – Lord Mayor of Westminster

Endorsement_Lord Mayor of Westminster_

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