This November, take the ShareTheMiracle Thanksgiving Challenge


Ask yourself two questions:

1.) Who am I thankful to?
2.) What am I thankful for?


Tell the person or organisation why you are thankful – write it in a letter, a thank-you card or social media post, tell them with words, acknowledge them with a gift. 


Tell us what happened on the social media to encourage and inspire others



The ShareTheMiracle Thanksgiving Challenge gives you the opportunity to celebrate a person, organisation or anything else you love, appreciate, admire or value

Take time this November to consider who you’re thankful to and what you’re thankful for. Take the opportunity to tell the person or organisation that you are thankful and they are valued – write it in a letter or social media post, tell them with words, acknowledge them with a gift. 

You could celebrate someone who believed in you when no one else did, an organisation that champions a cause you value, a supportive neighbour, mentor or member of the emergency services. Someone who makes you smile, a childhood friend or a hardworking member of staff. The opportunities are endless!

By sharing what happens on social media, you get to encourage and inspire others and share the good news more widely. For example, you could post a photo of the person or organisation you’re thankful for, a video capturing the moment you say thank-you, a letter or a thank-you note you have written. Be creative! Just include the #ShareTheMiracle. 

Each act of thanksgiving and gratitude can help bring people together, strengthen your community and release hope. 

Resource Pack

We've done all the hard work by preparing a FREE resource pack which includes letter templates, note cards and posters. These can be printed, emailed or posted to help you engage in and promote the ShareTheMiracle Thanksgiving Challenge.

Sounds great, what do I need to do?

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