Voluntary Groups


Whatever the focus of your voluntary group, ShareTheMiracle is a simple and rewarding way of bringing people together to reach out to isolated and in-need individuals within your local community, including those who are poor and marginalised.

It also presents a fantastic opportunity to give more exposure to the work of your group, attracting both potential volunteers as well as potential donors. It gives people who haven’t considered volunteering a chance to ‘taste and see’ in a very simple act of giving up their time for a worthwhile cause.


How can I get involved?

One way which voluntary groups are getting involved in ShareTheMiracle is in the collection of Easter Eggs which can then be distributed to chosen recipients. Setting up a ShareTheMiracle Station in your local town’s high street and encouraging local people and/or businesses to donate or buy Easter Eggs is a great way of engaging the local community.

It might be that your group already has regular contact with a group of individuals or charity who would be appropriate recipients of the Easter Eggs and invitations. This could be a local children’s hospital, a homeless shelter or a care home.

The distribution of the Easter Eggs is another chance for your volunteer group to have a profoundly personal interaction with members of the local community. It also provides another chance to share the moment of giving to a wider audience through press coverage and social media, again giving more exposure for your group.

Finally, the invitation provides a chance to have more of an ongoing relationship with your chosen recipients of the Easter Eggs. What you decide to invite recipients to is up to you. It could be a regular event which your group hosts such as a meal for elderly or homeless people or an event for young people.


Case Study: Great Ormond Street Hospital


ShareTheMiracle partnered with the long-term volunteer group at GOSH to visit children in the hospital. The joint team of volunteers spent the day visiting each ward and reaching out to children with an act of kindness. Children were given a soft toy and an invitation to the Teddy Bears Picnic event run at the hospital, which helped build community.

The soft toys were supported by a leading toy retailer


Endorsement: Head of volunteer services, GOSH



What now?

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