Order Eggs


Collecting your Easter Eggs, which you’ll then distribute to your chosen recipients, can be done in a number of ways and in itself provides an opportunity to bring people together. Here’s some examples:


1. Buy Eggs through ShareTheMiracle

We are in conversations with Chocolate manufacturers to secure discounted rates on Easter Eggs for all those participating in ShareTheMiracle. See details below re. confirmed manufacturers/suppliers



Traidcraft are kindly giving all those taking part in ShareTheMiracle a 10% discount off any Easter Egg sold at www.traidcraftshop.co.uk. When you’ve browsed their range of Easter Eggs please call 0191 491 0855 and quote “EASTER” to receive 10% discount on your Easter Egg order.


2. Buy Eggs through a local retailer

We’re also seeking to partner with supermarket chains to secure eggs for participants of ShareTheMiracle.

However, it is well worth approaching a local supermarket or independent retailer to ask if they would be willing to provide a discount on bulk orders of Eggs. You never know, they may even be happy to donate some Eggs for the cause!


3. ShareTheMiracle Stations

This is a great way of getting your local community involved – set up a ShareTheMiracle Station in your local area. With the help of volunteers, you can encourage shoppers, passers-by or parents to buy Easter Eggs and drop them off at your collection station.

This could be on your local high street, in a shopping centre or perhaps at your church or school. You could also engage your local council to see if they may be able to help in the coordination and logistics of the Collection Point.