What is a ShareTheMiracle Station?

A ShareTheMiracle ‘Station’ is a collection point where you can receive Easter eggs from members of your local community in the run up to Easter. Once you’ve collected your Easter eggs, you give them to those less fortunate in your local community. Some groups choose to reach out to the elderly, those unwell in hospital, disadvantaged young people, the homeless or lonely but you choose depending on your passions and whats happening in your local area. By sharing your story with us, you get to encourage and inspire others to

  1. Invite your community to donate Easter eggs
  2. Give them to those less fortunate in your local community
  3. Share your stories on the ShareTheMiracle social media sites to encourage and inspire others

ShareTheMiracle have done all the hard work by preparing a resource pack, including posters and flyers to help you promote your Station and encourage everyone to participate. It’s proven to be great fun and is an effective way of bringing people together, reinforcing individual relationships and promoting teamwork. It provides an accessible way to start a conversation and meet people in your local community that you may not ordinarily. You’ll also be part of a wider movement as groups reach out in different locations with a flurry of seasonal hope and kindness


Sounds great, what do I need to do?

Register your ShareTheMiracle station by completing the form below and we’ll send you your free resource pack containing everything you need to know.


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