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Surveys have shown that most of us desire closer relationships with our neighbours. The same research reveals that we’re more isolated than ever from the people who live so close to us. If only there was a simple way of breaking the ice, making an introduction which could lead to the closer community which we desire.

Step in ShareTheMiracle! What better way to break down barriers than with an act of kindness, along with an invitation to connect.


How can I get involved?

There are 3 easy steps:

  1. GIVE: Identify a person, or group of people and present them with an Easter egg, or a gift of your choosing. 
  2. INVITE: Plan an event, big or small, to invite the recipients to.
  3. SHARE: Don’t keep it to yourself! Record the experience, from the giving of the gift to the event itself, and share through ShareTheMiracle’s social media sites.

There are lots of ways by which you can use ShareTheMiracle to build community amongst your neighbours.

One very simple way is to deliver Easter Eggs to each one of the neighbours on your street or in your block of flats. Handing the egg to your neighbour in person is worth it alone to witness the look of appreciation and surprise on their face!

Accompany the eggs with an invitation, using the ShareTheMiracle invitation cards. This is where it gets exciting. The possibilities are endless – you could organise anything from a drinks party at your home to a walk around the countryside and even a street party!

Another approach, perhaps where stronger relationships already exist, is to rally your neighbours to donate eggs, which could be given to a local cause such as a care home or a children’s hospital. Why not go one step further and start a ShareTheMiracle Station on your road or local high street?


What now?

Click HERE and follow the 5 simple steps