Easter is arguably the most important time in the church calendar, remembering what many consider to be the greatest act of kindness.

ShareTheMiracle is an easy way to connect with those in the local community, to start a conversation, form a friendship and build your community – whether you’re a Church, a Christian Union, Bible Study Group or a Work-Placed Group. 

Why not consider running a ShareTheMiracle Station.


How can I get involved?

There are 3 easy steps:

  1. GIVE: Identify a person, or group of people and present them with an Easter egg, or a gift of your choosing. 
  2. INVITE: Plan an event, big or small, to invite the recipients to.
  3. SHARE: Don’t keep it to yourself! Record the experience, from the giving of the gift to the event itself, and share through ShareTheMiracle’s social media sites.

It’s a simple initiative in which everyone in your church or group can get involved in together, regardless of age or experience. Members could give Easter eggs and invitations to friends, colleagues or neighbours and invite them to a church event or you may choose to distribute them together to individuals who are in need in your local area such as homeless people, the elderly or young parents. 

The most obvious event to invite people to is an Easter service, but this could equally be a concert you’re arranging, a youth event, a quiz night, an Easter bake-off or even just inviting your neighbours over for a cup of tea to get to know each other!


Case Study: Christians in Government

We were delighted to welcome Dan and members of the ShareTheMiracle team to the Home Office to mark our commemoration of Easter as part of a series of events including a talk by Bishop Angaelos of the Orthodox Church to raise awareness of the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.  We gave over 200 easter eggs, donated by staff, to interested colleagues along with an invitation to our Christians in Government Easter Service and a ‘Why Easter?’ booklet.  ShareTheMiracle is a wonderful initiative that allows us to convey something of the grace and goodness of God in an appropriate way. I cannot commend the initiative highly enough. It is so easy to bless others in this way.

Mike Carson, Home Office Christians


Case Study: Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church


We love ShareTheMiracle here at The Beeches. It helps us to fulfill our calling to share God’s love and the Good News of Jesus with those around us by living out His kindness in ways which connect.

For the last three Easters we have collected as many eggs as possible (500 in 2014, 1000 in 2015/16/17) to give away to people in our community. We gather on a Saturday morning a couple of weeks before Easter, pray and then go out onto the streets outside our local shops and door to door simply giving away the eggs along with an invitation to our Easter services. We have been amazed by the responses we have received and the opportunities God has opened up to share his love. A very simple act of kindness opening the door for people to come closer to God. People in our church had opportunity to pray for people in our community, share the Gospel, bring smiles to many faces and our Easter services have also been full: Superb! 

It has also been incredibly encouraging to see the way God has worked in us as a church as we have stepped out in faith in this way. Bringing us closer to him, closer to each other and giving us more of his heart for those around us. New friendships have formed, people are more confident about sharing their faith and there’s a real buzz about reaching out to the community with God’s love.

We will definitely be taking part again this year and look forward once again to seeing God at work in the lives of people in our neighbourhood.

Phil Hornsey, Minister, Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church


What now?

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